eMoney Resources

These quick guides are available to assist you with your eMoney Personal Financial Website. Additional answers can be found through the Help tab within eMoney, by contacting our office or submitting a question below. You may log into your eMoney account through the Account Access tab above.


Your Guide to eMoney

Best Practices
Tips to getting the most out of using eMoney.

How to add external accounts.

Download eMoney App
Get your Personal Financial Website on your mobile device.

Answers to common questions about eMoney.

Goal Setting
Easily add your financial goals and track your progress.

Interactive Cash Flow Planning
Learn more about how we work side-by-side with you to understand the financial impact your decisions have on your financial plans.

A cumulative view of your overall portfolio.

Screen Sharing
Use screen sharing when meeting with your advisor remotely.

Security: Safe & Secure
With each measure in place, you can be confident that your important information is safe and secure.

Track your spending and create a budget, all in one place.

The Vault
An easy way to secure, organize, and access important documents.

What Is Data Aggregation?
The process of gathering financial information and presenting it in a single comprehensive view.